Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Nourish a Viper in One's Bosom

      All over again I am 15 years old, riding in the passenger seat of my father’s Viper. Its 11pm and my mother asked my dad if he could get milk for my brothers and me for school the next day. My dad jumps ecstatically out of bed and yells down the hall “Ben, we need milk, want to go for a ride?” I know what this means, a chance to cross over into a world of flashing lights and blurring colors. I jump into the passenger seat with the enthusiasm of a kid at a playground. He starts the engine and I hear it roar like a wild beast perched at the top of a hill. As he hits the clutch we accelerate forward so quickly I think my chest will pop. I feel my heart beat so fast I think its going faster than the engine, but I know it’s not true. I’m sitting in one of the most revered American super cars, and all I can think about is trying not to puke. Although I've grown up around sports cars, races, and automobiles nothing puts a smile on my face faster than sitting in that car. We all have unique experiences with cars we remember for the rest our lives, and mine was that 2004 Blue Viper with the White stripes down the middle. It wasn't too long ago that the Viper seemed to clutch the peak position of Auto Sports cars. It sliced and swerved into the hearts of Americans and symbolized true American Power like no other. After the collapse of the Auto industry in 2009 the Viper seemed down and out, destined for another spot on the “has been” list of sports cars. I was not ready to give up the sight of a new Viper each year and my heart sank with the news they were discontinuing it. I couldn't believe that a car of such immense power and stability could slip and fall so quickly. But like fighter refusing to give up, it comes back stronger. Now with the SRT platform the Dodge Viper is ready to turn heads and flap skirts like it never left.

Cars add a whole other dimension to a father-son relationship.
            The new Viper SRT will feature a plethora of new updates and additions. First of all the body was reconstructed to cut off a few pounds and give it a sleeker look. It was built basically on the same platform though, but with a lot more horse power. The 2013 Viper will holster 640 Horsepower; let me repeat that, 640 HP!!! That’s a lot of ponies. It will also feature 600 pound-feet of torque from an 8.4-litre V10 engine! It now also holds the best power to weight ratio of all Vipers ever built. The new halogen lights on the Viper give it a whole new look, a look of determination and power. 

The definition of a Viper is a snake characterized by venom conducting fangs. Deadly to its opponent and brutally vicious, the Viper perfectly characterizes this car. It has absorbed a customer base like no other. When the viper was taken out of production customers seemed weary and limp, numb to the news of destruction to their favorite cars. Now the Viper has re-infused life, and is perched to take down its opponents in its class.

            I now count the days until the 2013 Viper comes out. I visualize the moment I feel the keys in my hand like a grail of sorts, a key to eternal happiness. My mind drifts to the burgeoning scene of the day I can finally drive it. I can imagine running my fingers down the sleek metallic belly of the car, I go inside carefully and slowly and the engine turns on. I await for the soft rumble of the car on my body and smile wider than ever before. I run my fingers against all the creases and buttons of the interior. I caress the shifter with a sense of control and capacity. This car isn’t only powerful, it’s god-like. Something is much different this time than when I was 15 and it has nothing to do with updated designs of the 2013 Viper. I am now 20 and old enough to drive; I grip the wheel with the pleasure of maturity. I step off the brake thrust the gas pedal and go.  

-Benjamin Clarke Sporn

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