Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Ford Campaign: Random Acts of Fusion

The all new Ford Fusion will be rolling into dealerships coming this fall. The Fusion is one of the more important launches for Ford in recent years. It gives the American Company an opportunity to pursue the bread and butter mid sized sedan market. In past years the Ford Fiesta used a marketing campaign that was focused on social media. Ford spent $5 million dollars on online marketing and engagement, a cost that could have been multiplied 20 times if they went with more traditional advertisements. The new campaign will feature a slew of celebrities and will be written by 7 comedy writers. The campaign will be called "Random Acts of Fusion." The campaign will feature American Idol Host, Ryan Seacrest.  The ad will also feature Joel McHale and Kate Micucci, for a surprising and interesting campaign to say the least. Some may be surprised that Ryan Seacrest and Joel McHale are working together. After many years of publicly dissing Seacrest as his superior doppelganger, McHale brings that "hatred" to the ad in a comedic platform that many can relate to. Joel is sensitive and insecure about his positioning in TV as Seacrest is also preferred over him. Watch some of these videos and let us know what you think!

The all new Ford Fusion comes in gas, hybrid, and plug in hybrid. Check out there Facebook page and help jumpstart the campaign!

Facebook: Ford Fusion