Monday, July 9, 2012

Subaru's New BRZ Ad & The Need to Be Excessive

After watching Subaru's all new 2013 BRZ ad its many things are obvious. First, in today's time of the ADD viewer car companies feel the need to be excessive and stylish without revealing too much about the car. Ads seems to be metaphors for reliably or loyalty and feature quick prices or deals at the end. This commercial has its fair share of grandiose, but not without cause. The tagline to the commercial is "Scorched" and features water exploding bottles melting and time seemingly standing still. This commercial reveals that Subaru has an opportunity to shed its image of Vermont Wagon Hippie and seek new and exciting markets with its dazzling effects. Subaru has struck gold before with its WRZ models but has long been known as a reliable knock around car instead of a street shredding beast.

Watch the commercial for yourself and let us know what you think about Subaru and its new direction!

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