Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Romney on the Prowl: Attacks Auto Bailout

Each day that goes by is yet another opportunity for the political elites to smite one another with a smug, tongue & cheek commercial. This one aims at the Obama administration's decision to bailout the automakers Gm and Chrysler. Though the American public has seen this as a good move, one that saved thousands of plant workers jobs, Romney is seen here attacking the decision. When the bailouts were sent it was during a time of turmoil and destruction. Credit lines were evaporating and sales were slowing. After the bailouts went out to the automakers they knew the right decisions were to consolidate and cut excess spending. This led to many dealers being terminated in areas where a high density existed. This ad focuses on Ohio, where Obama currently holds a 6% lead in the political polls.
GM and Chrysler shut down 2,200 dealerships in an effort to cut down costs. More than 220 auto dealers are suing the Obama administration, arguing that their constitutional rights were violated when GM and Chrysler terminated their franchise agreements.

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