Friday, August 10, 2012

Dodge dodge's a Bullet by Pulling Out

Dodge is reportedly pulling out of the Nascar series for the upcoming 2013 season. Although it signed up for the Sprint Cup Car Series it has been missing from the recent track tests. Although many could see this as a huge blow to Nascar or to the Dodge Brand, it is not the first time the automaker pulled out of the Nascar Car series'. From 1985-2001 they were absent from all races and this could prove their absence from the driving series will be short lived. The root of the problem has been hinted at being a sponsorship mishap

Dodge hinted that sponsorship was part of the problem it encountered during the search for new teams. Ralph Gilles pointed out, "The sponsors are just not as flush as you would think as they used to be." Sponsorships have been dwindling in NASCAR, so Dodge's experience is not an unusual issue.
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