Friday, July 27, 2012

The Future is Here: Dodge Dart Offers Wireless Charging Station

The Dodge Dart will be entering the future as it sets to roll out in the second half of this year starting around $15,995. There will be an available $199.99 option to add a wireless charging mat that will come with the a case for your phone. The charging station working with two parts. First the mat is plugged into a power source and is spooled with induction coils- this creates a power electromagnet. The other part is the charging case which has its own induction coils and plugs directly into the phone. This charging system is as easy as resting your phone on the power mat and let science do the rest.

Chrysler will look to be the first automaker to offer power mat wireless charging capability. We have seen other automakers like GM showcase a prototype at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show, but has not installed it into production of any cars as of yet. The charging station will be dealer installed so their will be an installation price on top.

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