Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Chrysler To Make Compressed Natural Gas Ram

    According to numerous sources Chrysler will start selling a new version of its Ram 1500 later this year. The car will be running on Compressed Natural Gas, which is believed to be cleaner and "homegrown". Chrysler is banking on consumers making the switch to the CNG rather than on electric vehicles. This could be the way for Chrysler to brighten its future as many companies aren't looking at Compressed Natural Gas. Chrysler is the second automaker to offer a CNG to the American public, the first being Honda.
     By 2017 Chrysler is set to feature a slew of CNG vehicles, according to CEO Sergio Marchionne. According to the Huffington Post Sergio Marchionne has been phoning Governor Rick Synder of Michigan  to help get some tax credits for producing this cleaner efficient fuel.

Doug Killian, a project manager for the Ram 1500, said Chrysler sees three big upsides for CNG: It's cheaper than regular gasoline, burns very cleanly and there is ample supply of natural gas in the United States, which could curb Americans' dependence on oil from the Middle East.

   The fuel economy aspect of using Compressed Natural gas is astonishing. By 2025 natural gas cars are expected to get 54.5 mpg!! With numbers like these other automakers would be smart to make a splash in CNG soon. General Motors plans to offer two new CNG trucks later this year aswell. They are hesitant on the technology though because of the current lack of CNG fueling stations. 

Below is a image that will help you understand exactly how CNG works... enjoy


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