Monday, July 9, 2012

Chrysler Seeking to Attack the Urban Market

As the Auto Industry nudges its way forward its starts to change and adapt. Auto ads used to appeal to American values of trust, loyalty and more. Now marketing campaigns need to be more and more clever and appeal to younger and wider audiences. This is no more apparent than in Chrysler's infamous Superbowl Ad featuring a song and appearance from the rapper Eminem. Though Eminem came onto the scene as a wildly esoteric artists he has transformed himself as the voice of a people restrained and chained. He represents breaking free from those restraints and hardships pushing down on him. Chrysler similarly was in a desolate position with the collapse of the auto industry and economy as a whole in 2009.

Sergio Marchionne appeared as a white knight to Chrysler and resurrected them from seeming destruction. He reflects the morals and ideas that Eminem and other artists push through their music, taking nothing and turning it into something. Though Chrysler and its sibling brands seemed dusty and debilitated like a piece of coal, Sergio survived the pressure and was rewarded with a Gem. 

Now, Chrysler has seen an opportunity to change the appeal of its brand and widen it to a greater audience. Their cars appear sleeker and neater giving them a little European dusting up. The appeal for a more Urban Audience can be seen with the Dodge Citadel in the music Video for another infamous rapper, Dr. Dre. The video opens up to a grille shot of the Dodge as well as many other shots through out the video.

Appealing to a young audience gives Chrysler the mystique it has always been looking for. With the addition and update of the Chrysler 300 it breathes life into car that seemed destined for destruction after many years of staid improvement.

Chrysler's new ad platform features a new "Imported" but its not from Detroit. "Imported from Gotham" the new ad that coincides with the new Dark Knight Rises movie is a clear marketing ploy that may just give Chrysler the appeal its been looking for.

In summation, the 'Imported from Gotham City" is a perfect match for Chrysler.The Batman movie features
the Dark Knight, and Chrysler has found its White Knight in Sergio to help resurrect the brand and move it into a new direction.

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  1. I'm not particularly keen on the commercial although I like the car very much. The new Chrysler 300C is quite an outstanding looking car!