Monday, July 23, 2012

Hear Me Roar: 2013 Maserati Gran Turismo Sport

The 2013 Gran Turismo Sport photos have arrived, and god are we glad. The Gran Turismo Sport will feature 444 horsepower and will start around $130,000. That is a hefty price tag for a superior vehicle like the Maserati. The headlights were dresses with full-LED daytime running lights, equipped with adaptive light control that illuminates curves w/ up to 15 degrees of steering angle. There is also a new front splitter which helps with aerodynamics and guides more air to the metal brake discs for increased cooling. The blue color you see on this car is called "blue sofisticato". There is also a new "flat-bottom" steering wheel with gives the driver greater grip and excess leg room. The rear passengers leg room is also amplified due to new front passenger seat backs. The already existing 4.7 liter V8 engine contains widely shared multi-point injected engines that will reach up to around 450 horsepower and 384 pound/ feet of torque. The V8 engine, which is built by Ferrari, represents fully the true power of Italian strength and virility.

Click here or hit the jump to view more photos of this Maserati....

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